Passive Infrared Detectors

Passive Infrared Detectors sense a change in temperature when an intruder enters a room, which then actives the alarm system.

Reed Switches

Magnetic Reed Switches are an ideal way to protect doors, garage doors, windows etc. when the magnetic seal separates this will in turn activate the alarm system.

Glass break Detectors

Located across from panes of glass, Glass break Detectors sense the sound of glass breaking and thumping which will then active the alarm system.

Vibration Detectors

Used on safes and other similar devices, Vibration Detectors activate the alarm system when it senses banging or drilling on the safe.

Hold up Buttons

Placed under counters or beside beds when activated the hold-up button can be programmed to have a range of responses; instant alarm, silent alarm to a control room which can have immediate request for Police.

PE Beams

Placed from point to point PE Beams can create perimeter protection around your business or home, activating the alarm system before unwanted activity has occurred.