Q:  Will my pet set off the Sensor/s? 
A:  We can provide Pet Immune Sensors that will not sense anything that weighs less than 20kg.

Q:  How can you minimise false alarms?
A:  There are a number of ways we can do this one of them is to install Dual Sensors which need movement and change of temperature to activate.

Q:  Will the Siren blast all day?
A:  No, the Siren will not blast all day, we put a 2 minute siren time on all our Alarm Systems.  This will then activate each time an intruder enters.

Q:  Does the Camera record all the time?
A:  No, we can set it (to save hard drive space) to record on movement only.

Q:  Can Ducted Vacuum be installed in an existing home?
A:  Yes, most existing homes can have ducted vacuum installed after a site inspection.